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Metgasco Media Release from the Drake Village Voice March 2013


An application has been lodged for a test well exploration license which encompasses all of Currawinya - Blocks: #605 & #606 on the map below. If you wish to get involved with information sharing, contact Flame: 6737-6716

5/4/2012 ABC article
4/42012 The Tenterfield Council has voted 8 to 1 for granting the License

 To send an email or letter by post To the Tenterfield Shire Council to object to Coal Seam Gas Mining on your property, address complaints to:
Council's Administration Office is located at 247 Rouse, Street, Tenterfield and is open 8.30 am to 5 pm.
Re:    Petroleum Exploration License Application Number 133 submitted by Applicant: Macquarie Energy Pty. Ltd.
Postal address:  PO Box 214, TENTERFIELD NSW 2372
Phone: (02) 6736 6000   Fax: (02) 6736 6005
Email:  council@tenterfield.nsw.gov.au

 To send a letter by post or an Email to object to Coal Seam Gas Mining on your property, address complaints to:
    The Manager Coal & Petroleum Titles and Systems PO Box 344, Hunter Regional Mail Centre NSW 2310
Re:    Petroleum Exploration License Application Number 133 submitted by Applicant: Macquarie Energy Pty. Ltd.
Facsimile: 02 4931 6776

Lock The Gate signs are available at the Tabulam Co-Op.
or Http://www.lockthegate.org.au

The attached info may come as a surprise.  So may the fact that applications have been lodged here in Drake, as in most other places, and even in Brookfield, Kenmore, Pullenvale and Moggill in Brisbane and Sutherland in Sydney. 
We've been told at a public meeting that the gas has already been sold to China.  Our governments state and federal also contract with mining companies to do the dirty work.....and for every day a well doesn't go into the ground they pay penalties back to government.  According to what I have been able to read on the financials on this, the government won't be getting any royalties for 5 years so the quicker the wells go in the sooner they'll start to reap the benefits.  For those who understand this, the precautionary principle has not been applied to this type of exploration.
This is at juggernaut stage now, if we as a nation of people don't stand together now we have no chance of stopping this from raping our water supplies, landscapes, native flora fauna and bird/insect life, air quality, enjoyment of life, future of our children/grandchildren.  If you want to do something, the time is now.
There will be a large march in Sydney on May 1st.....farmers are really angry on this, as are wine producers, tourist havens and every other place you can imagine that's being impacted.  Please let all your friends and relatives in Sydney know that this march is happening.  They can take the kids as anti arrest insurance.   Details will appear on the Lock the Gate Alliance Sites and should be on the news if the energy companies haven't bought them out or off already.  

What you should know about the health risks posed by Coal Seam Gas drilling 
at every stage of production.

Map of the areas for the Coal Seam Exploration Licence Application (PELA 133) being submitted by Macquarie Energy Pty. Ltd.

Sample of a notice that can be displayed on the front gate to stop unauthorized entry onto your property by Coal Seam Gas Companies representatives.

Click here for a printable Flyer

Currawinya Shareholders Comments Area

Donna Byer
Share 10
“Currawinya Pty Ltd”
Paddy's Flat Rd
Paddy’s Flat, NSW, 2469
(P O Box 112 Tabulam 2469)
Phone 6629 8586
Mob: 0408 484 977

Attention: The Manager
Coal & Petroleum Titles and Systems Postal
PO Box 344,
Hunter Region Mail Centre NSW 2310
Facsimile: 02 4931 6776
Email: webcoal.titles@industry.nsw.gov.au

Comment on submission relating to Petroleum Exploration Licence Application Number 133 submitted by Applicant: Macquarie Energy Pty Ltd

The road leading to my property (Paddy’s Flat Road) is in poor condition at the best of times and the impact of extra traffic on it would be very detrimental. It is narrow, dirt for the most part, potholed and corrugated, with very little room for error for drivers. It would not support extra traffic, particularly large vehicles. In fact large vehicles traversing this road would be dangerous to those who currently use it to get to school, work or into town for stocking up.

The property on which my share is located is an environmentally sensitive property in an environmentally sensitive area. It has 7km of river frontage along the headwaters of the Clarence River, the Cataract Rivers and many creeks. The property is held in trust on behalf of the shareholders by the non-profit company Currawinya Pty. Ltd. Most of us who live on Currawinya draw our water from the rivers- including for drinking purposes. There are platypus living in the river and dragonflies galore. We grow what we can in the way of fruit and vegetables; we are committed to stepping lightly on the land.

Currawinya is a designated wildlife sanctuary and is accessible to the public by invitation only.  There have been studies done on Currawinya of the rock wallabies and there are a significant numbers living and multiplying on the rock faces within our property. This is a place where people have gathered for thousands of years.  First were the people of the Bundjalung Nation who lived in harmony with this environment for at least six thousand years.  They hunted and fished here, and held their sacred ceremonies around the junction of the rivers. The Bundjalung clans that lived around the upper Clarence and The Cataract were: Wahlubal,  Jabilum, Gidabal, and Baryulgil.

In 1976 a group of environmentally conscientious people bought Currawinya and have remained committed for the last 35 years to keeping the flora and fauna that still exists safe from harm. Others like me have joined them along the way, but there are still a significant number of the original group.
Currawinya Vision:
Joyful, harmonious, community living sustainably within a diverse and balanced eco-system, caring for our environment and each other. 
We enjoy healthy social relations and diversified spirituality.  We steward the land to sustain the Earth for future generations.
In 2006 Friends of Currawinya Landcare (FOCL) was established.  Grants were awarded to FOCL to rehabilitate riparian (riverbank) zone. Peter Stewart Walk opened as a memorial for the work that Peter undertook to rehabilitate and protect the riverbanks and gullies as part of the FOCL group. The group has a strong relationship with Upper Clarence Landcare and Clarence Wilderness Lodge which gives us access to grant writing assistance, skilled people and creates a partnership that cares for a large portion of the upper Clarence area through our combined effort. Natural bush regeneration has begun to strengthen.

I love this place – it is magnificent and largely unspoilt. It is mountainous and the rivers are pristine. There are very few places like it left anywhere  – except maybe Tasmania. I cannot imagine that anyone in this day and age would want to harm such a place. There are so few natural places left that are as intact, and which support endangered species such as rock wallabies and endangered frog species. It attracts people for its beauty and peace, to live close to nature and to look after it. I love being part of the strong community of robust Australians who live in isolation so that they can experience the magic of this place daily. It is reminiscent of how Australians lived in the days of the pioneers – the environment is wild – there are fires and floods – and yet the untamed nature of the area is what is so incredible about it.. Many people will never know the experience that we are blessed to have in knowing and belonging to this landscape. It is not about money or material gain – it is about lived experience. We eek out an existence from a harsh landscape and it is never easy but it is very real.

This is a late submission as I have only recently heard about the possible exploration on my beloved Currawinya. It is late and I must get it away to you before the deadline. Please understand that to do what Coal Seam Gas Exploration would do to this landscape would be a terrible terrible thing – please understand that. For all the reasons I have named and for all the reasons I have not but that I hope others will have been able to articulate by the deadline.

Thank you for your attention to my submission.

Yours sincerely,
Donna Byer

I am deeply concerned with the environmental issues resulting from coal seam gas exploration. These areas are home to many critically endangered species.

The 6200 acre Currawinya area contains a number of threatened species. Some of these species are regionally rare, but locally common such as the Spot-Tailed Quoll _Dasyurus maculatus, and Brush-tailed Phascogale _Phascogale tapoatafa.

Other threatened species include Yellow-bellied Glider _Petaurus australis, Golden-tipped Bat _Kerivoula papuensis, Brush-tailed Rock Wallaby_Petrogale penicillata, Black-striped Wallaby _Macropus dorsalas, Rufous Bettong _Aepyprymus rufescens, Koala _Phascolarctus cinereus, Squirrel Glider _Petaurus norfolcensis, Black-necked Stork_Ephippiorhynchus asiaticus, Powerful Owl _Ninox strenua, Masked Owl_Tyto capella, Barking Owl _Ninox connivens, Sooty Owl _Tytotenebricosa, Wompoo Fruit Dove_ Ptilinopus magnificus, Glossy Black Cockatoo_Calyptorhynchus banksii, Red Goshawk_ Erythrotriorchis radiates, Giant barred Frog _Mixophyes Iteratus, Eastern Freshwater Cod _Maccullochella ikei.

To thrive, these creatures need clean air, pure water, and habitat protection.  There is no greater threat to the air quality, water purity, and the physical environment than coal seam gas mining. Take a drive through the coal mining areas around the Hunter Valley, from Singleton all the way to Newcastle. The air is putrid with the foul emissions from the coal industry. The water is filthy with the runoff from the mining industry.

Not In My Backyard!!!! And I venture to say it would not happen in the backyard of the billionaires and politicians who profit from these companies.  These companies are protected by political party bedfellows with an insatiable appetite for money from mining which can assure their re-election. Australia is in the hands of the greedy, ignorant, corrupt merchants and politicians who gain vast fortunes from this raping of the environment.  It has to stop before it is too late - which I fear for many locations in Australia - it is already too late. Climate change is real. Australia is one of the most polluting countries on the planet, and we don’t seem to be able to overcome the greed which drives the mining industries further and further towards impending disaster, and they are taking all Australians with them.







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